trompe oeuil in Bogota 2021

trompe oeuil in Bogota 2021

This mural was commissioned for a coffee lab in the historic district of Bogota, named CafĂ© Jaguar. In the native Colombian culture, the jaguar is seen as a human in the astral world, who can dance, speak, and live in a family, just like us. However, in this dimension, we can only see the jaguar’s body, its shadow in the form of a jaguar.

The jaguar is a symbol of the «other world.» For CafĂ© Jaguar, Chicadania painted a large wall with a jaguar in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, and created a «trompe l’oeil» in the corner of the street, depicting her son with a jaguar makeup and a branch on his head made of the coffee plant.


Project Details

  • Bogotá

  • CafĂ© Jaguar

  • Colombia

  • 2018