Dreaming on tajlkstraat – Amsterdam 2022

  • Chocadania

Dreaming on tajlkstraat – Amsterdam 2022

┬źDreaming on Tjalkstraat┬╗ is more than just a mural. It all started when the Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA) invited Chicadania and Pez to participate in a project for the municipality and housing associations in the Banne district of Amsterdam North as part of the MOOIMAKERS program.

The challenge for the artists was to tell the story of the neighborhood residents, mostly immigrants, and to pay homage to the street’s name, which is a nod to the classic boats of Amsterdam North, called ┬źtjalks.┬╗ To integrate the community and the history of this part of Amsterdam, the artists designed a mural representing the life of the kids in the neighborhood as a dream, playing and looking in the distance at their homes in their countries. Chicadania painted the faces of Marco from Venezuela and Veronica from Ukraine with special makeup and portrayed them on the wall. Marco and Veronica are dreaming in a turquoise universe with boats and fishes floating.


Project Details

  • Amsterdam

  • Jan 12th - Feb 25th

  • Pa├şses bajos